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Detriot Metro Area

Boyne City, Michigan

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Address: P.O. Box 432, Boyne City, Michigan, 49712

Email: aaron@westrickphd.com

Address: 3006 Fall Park, Boyne City, Michigan, 49712
Professor at Lake Superior State University
Contact: 906-635-6203


B.A.R.G., LLC Use of Force and Protection Institute


Ballistic Armor Research Group, LLC


Dr. Aaron J. Westrick, Ph.D. Sociology (psycho-physiological reactions to being shot in armor), Wayne State University; M.S. criminal justice (human behavior during violent events/management), Wayne State University; B.A. social science (criminal justice), Michigan State University is the Director of Research and Composite Development for a major body armor company. He is also the principal of Ballistic Armor Research Group, LLC that specializes in government consult regarding armor research projects. BARG, LLC has contracted ballistic research since 1997. Dr. Westrick is very familiar with ballistic fabrics, composite limitations/specifications, exploratory ballistic testing and has managed many projects concerning sensitive information. Dr. Westrick is a police supervisor with 31 years of law enforcement experience having served in many capacities including corrections supervisor, assault (SWAT) team member, hostage negotiator and major case detective. He is a highly decorated officer. Because of his status within law enforcement and the commercial body armor industry he is able to access most ballistic fabrics. Dr. Westrick is a recognized expert in the application of body armor and ballistic use of force issues.

Related Projects:


    • Presently engaged in Contemporary Body Armor Research Projects
    • Ballistics Armor Testing, NADG:
      • 2013 Montana Highway Patrol
      • 2012 Phoenix Metropolitan Police
      • 2011 Virginia State Police


    • DARPA Body Armor Challenge, 2010
    • Special presentation(s) to GDLS and CoorsTek regarding advanced armor technologies, 2010.
    • Next Generation Bomb Suit Committee, TSWG 2006
    • Business Contracts regarding research of Contemporary Body Armor Technology
    • Chemical Analysis of Contemporary Body Armor Materials. (Co-author with Dr. Judy Westrick, Ph.D.)
    • Southwest Research Institute (DARPA), Explore Concepts Leading to Armor Materials System (Ultra-Lightweight Body Armor Committee).
    • Principal of Ballistic Armor Research Group, LLC. Research group specializing in sensitive government research.
    • Development of Personnel Tactical Armor Systems, Second Chance Body Armor, Inc.
    • Research and Development of Hard and Composite Armor Systems, Second Chance Body Armor, Inc
    • U.S. Army Research Labs, Soft Catch (830A1 projectile) Program.
    • Research With Wayne State University Regarding Soft Body Armor and Back Face Deformation Issues.
    • Government Research Paper on Less Lethal Weapons
    • Two recent research projects awarded by US Government regarding "foldable type armor systems":
      • RPG Catcher System
      • Foldable Rifle Ballistic System